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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a service to help you to have a mask on your current email. The mask email will forward any message received for you to your real email certain of times.

We have been created to help you to fight spammers. Also, if you want to receive an important email for only onetime from someone you don't trust. Or when you don't want to share your real email.

No spam from our end guaranteed.

Definitely! I'm a crazy dude, and I love to have free stuff always. So, I will make sure to upgrade your account for free. Just fill this form for me and I will be glad to upgrade your account for free ASAP.
It depend on the limit you set when you add a new email on our site. You can set the mask email to forward only one email message to your real email inbox.
We are processing all email messages on the same time when we receive them. So, when you mask email reached the limit and we received a new email message for you we will immediately delete it, since you don't increased the limit. Also, if you are ran of credits we will delete the message immediately.
No. We do not store the email messages on our servers, we delete them directly on our email provider once we process them for you.
Short answer is no. Sadly in free version, We do not support attached files.
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